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Don Braben

To The Rescue
Framed: 57 x 77cm Oil on Board $900.00

John Barcham

"Going Solo" Cannons Creek, Westernport Bay
Framed: 69 x 73cm Oil on Board $8,500.00

Thelma Beeton

Captain Emu: A Warrior's Dreaming
Framed: 69 x 89cm Acrylic on Canvas $2,000.00

Peter Andrews

Still Steaming
29.7 x 21cm Ink + Water Colour Pencil Wash on 100% Cotton $1,000.00

Tim Baker

The Joy of Sailing
Framed: 75 x 58cm Watercolour on Paper $1,000.00

Julie-anne Armstrong-Roper

Desiderium - Distant Horizon
60 x 90cm Oil on Plywood $2,200.00

Alan Annells

Location Melbourne Port
100 x 125cm Acrylic on Canvas $3,500.00

John Adderley

35 x 45cm Acrylic on Canvas $600.00