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Astrid Dahl

Beached, from a Sea of Chaos
120 x 140cm Mixed Media on Canvas $8,500.00

Ted Dansey

In Dock
Framed: 80 x 100cm Watercolour on Paper $2,200.00

Dat Dao Van Thanh

Pioneering Aspiration
Framed: 101.6 x 101.6cm Oil on Linen $5,500.00

Pauline Dewar

Framed: 100 x 70cm Mixed Media on Paper $1,500.00

John Butler

101 x 76cm Acrylic on Canvas $1,800.00

Jordi Casasayas

Aquatic Phenomena
60 x 90cm Acrylic on Board $800.00

Claude Ciccone

Humanity versus Covid
61 x 90cm Oil on Linen $2,700.00

Gregory Cliffe

71 x 83.5 x 3.5cm Oil on Linen $2,700.00

Julian Bruere

Frigates in Action 1794
Framed: 68 x 85cm Watercolour on Paper $3,300.00

John Orlando Birt

Siamo Immigrati / We Are Immigrants
Framed: 92 x 112cm Oil on Canvas $6,750.00

Karen Bloomfield

Keeping her pretty
Framed: 54 x 54cm Oil on Canvas $1,900.00

Don Braben

Once Were Lifesavers
Framed: 58 x 78cm Oil on Board Sold