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Lianne Fritsch

The Grand Canal - Venice
Framed: 81 x 103cm Watercolour on Paper $4,250.00

Linda Gallus

Queenscliff Ferry Terminal circa 1900
76 x 122cm Acrylic on Canvas $2,800.00

Anna-Carien Goosen

A Question of Pushing Through
Framed: 95 x 115cm Oil on Canvas $3,200.00

Geoff Hargraves

Eden Tug Boat
80 x 60cm Oil on Board $930.00

Cheryl Hill

Gone in a Heartbeat
Framed: 68 x 73cm Oil on Canvas $1,500.00

Julie Hobbs

Framed: 50 x 50cm Oil on Canvas $1,000.00

Kathy Fahey

Loch Ard Gorge
Framed: 90 x 73cm Hand painted paper torn and reassembled on Stonehenge Paper $4,000.00

Ronald Farnill

A Sail in Sight Appears
Framed: 82 x 102cm Watercolour on Paper $1,750.00

Ronald Farnill

Terra Australis
Framed: 82 x 102cm Watercolour on Paper $1,750.00

Jane Flowers

Hurrica V in the Whitsundays
122 x 122cm Oil on Canvas $2,800.00

Laurel Foenander

Lest We Forget
153 x 122cm Oil on Canvas $4,500.00

Pam Connelly

Almost safely through "The Heads".
Framed: 91 x 91cm Oil on Canvas $1,700.00