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Patricia McKenzie

Just Another Port
Framed: 110 x 110cm Oil on Linen $2,500.00

Christopher Mcleod

Joseph Banks Drawing of a Fish
Framed: 90 x 90cm Oil on Canvas $6,600.00

Shannah Mitchell

Port Days
Framed: 104 x 78cm Oil on Canvas $3,600.00

Denise Keele-Bedford

And Our Friends Are All Aboard
Framed: 76 x 95cm Collage on Paper $975.00

Vanessa Kelly

Wings Of The Sea, Spirit Of Tasmania
Framed: 90 x 70cm Acrylic on Canvas $2,600.00

James Lehman

Peering Out
50 x 50cm Enamel Spray Paint on Canvas $1,200.00

Mary Hyde

Shipping on the Yarra
56 x 112 cm Oil on Stretched Linen $4,000.00

Bronwen Hunt

The Meeting Place
Framed: 92 x 92cm Cold Wax, Graphite, Oil on Board $3,500.00

Darrell Hook

Providing a Safe Harbour
61 x 91.5cm Acrylic on Canvas $1,500.00

Antoinette Inguanti

Men at Work
Framed: 50 x 50cm Acrylic on Canvas $650.00

Eliah Jorgensen-Lade

New Horizons
Framed: 67 x 54cm Pen on Paper $1,500.00

Elise Judd

On The Lookout
71 x 60 cm Silver Leaf and Oil on Canvas $1,300.00