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Otto Schmidinger

76 x 92cm Oil on Canvas Sold

Jill Rogers

101 x 101cm Acrylic on Linen $1,800.00

Emma Rose

Robert James Laughlin III- Homecoming
Framed: 90 x 120cm Oil on Board $1,500.00

Lance Ross

The High Sea
61 x 91cm Oil on Canvas $1,000.00

D.M Ross

76 x 76cm Oil on Canvas $2,400.00

Jill Rogers

Still Ryhll
90 x 90cm Acrylic on Canvas $1,500.00

Nyulla Safi

The Shipwrecked of the thereafter
Framed: 63 x 45cm Oil on Paper $1,040.00

Ambra Sandrini

My World their World
50 x 60cm Acrylic on Canvas $500.00

Michael Sarkis

Grandeur Endeavour
80 x 80cm Acrylic on Canvas $1,500.00

Jamie Preisz

Shanty Man through the Porthole (Warren Ellis)
120 x 150cm Oil on Canvas $5,400.00

Marian Quigley

Seafarers Bridge
66 x 56cm Acrylic on Canvas $1,400.00

Larissa Rogacheva

Boat Shed
Framed: 55 x 75cm Watercolour on Paper $750.00