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Sally West

Pittwater, Lucinda Park 2 (28.5.20) - Plein Air
60 x 75cm Oil on Canvas $2,600.00

Maxwell Wilks

Retreating before the Storm
Framed: 80 x 96cm Oil on Linen $3,250.00

Ron Watkins

Framed: 42 x 32cm Acrylic, Gouche and Pastel on Paper $1,200.00

Sally West

Berry's Bay (13.5.20) - Plein Air
90 x 120cm Oil on Canvas $6,600.00

Michael Wolfe

Five Bells One
Framed: 152 x 91.5cm Acrylic on Canvas $3,800.00

Marianne Urth

Downwind Gybe
101 x 101cm Mixed Media on Canvas $1,100.00

Jenny Viney

Homeward Bound
30 x 60cm Oil on Canvas $1,400.00

Sarah Wallace-Smith

Off to Sea Again
Framed: 60 x 80cm Watercolour and Pencil on Canvas $1,100.00

Stuart Walsh

Ourang Medan
94 x 123cm Aerosol on shipping detritus $980.00

Briarley Walden

Plastic Permanence
Framed: 32 x 44.5cm Quilling: paper, glue, water and paint $200.00

Original Smith

The Sea has Stories
51 x 51cm Aerosol, acrylic, varnish and laster etch on inkboard. $2,879.00

Catherine Stringer

Derwent Requiem - The 'Lake Illawarra' and the Tasman Bridge
Framed: 56 x 75cm 3 layers of Marine macroalgae Paper with LED backlighting $2,500.00