Thelma Beeton

Thelma Beeton

  • Artist’s Statement

    Thelma is a Palawa woman with ties to the islands North West of Tasmania. Thelma’s work, inspired by her totem the Emu is often bold, colourful and full of character.

  • Biography

    Thelma is a Palawa woman with family ties to the islands North West of Tasmania. Thelma grew up in Swan Hill, a small town on the Murray River in the Loddon Mallee region. Most of Thelma’s work is inspired by her totem, the Tasmanian Emus. She first started creating work with The Torch in 2016 and has over those years found a unique painting style using bold, often primary coloured backgrounds with 2D depictions of emus. Thelma has a dedicated practice and has recently been exploring incorporating landscapes into her scenes. She loves connecting with her culture including researching the practice of muttonbirding, a traditional hunting method for Aboriginal Tasmanians.
    Thelma has sold her work to dedicated private collectors who own several of her pieces.

  • Awards

    2020 Dennis Thorpe Award

  • Exhibitions

    Selected group exhibitions
    2020 Confined 11, virtual exhibition, The Torch
    2020 Koorie Art Show, Koorie Heritage Trust
    2019 Confined 10, St Kilda Town Hall
    2018 Confined 9, St Kilda Town Hall
    2017 Confined 8, St Kilda Town Hall

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Thelma Beeton

Humanity Too The Sea (sold)
Framed: 42 x 51 cm Acrylic on Canvas $930.00