Shaun Myles

Shaun Myles

  • Artist’s Statement

    Although self-taught inserts itself into my work, I have attended art classes and workshops when in their vicinity. This artwork is important to me. I have studied design, drawing, painting and photography. I like to use lines, paint and colour, so I create, particularly with colour, even, black, white and greys. My philosophical approach. Life is an encounter and this leads my art to make things as a result.
    I have been working to create unique pieces and working on producing a body of painting, drawing and collage works. The use of lines, colour and shapes using familiar imagery here and there. Whilst working at a large construction plant some of my work was displayed in the foyer of their administration building.
    I have had a few cartoons selected for a national newspaper in the 1970, s gaining a Front Page. Have lately started to show my new work. As am emerging artist I have received favourable comments about my work. Which has encouraged me greatly.
    Lately I have had a work used for advertising a music performance. This featured a successful local Canberran band and a successful Australian artist. The work was then selected as a cover for the local Band, s first CD. This was a great art moment for me.
    Another was when I created a Union Rally painting which proudly hangs in the Union Office Headquarters in Barton, ACT.
    My statement is that my life is very important to my Art. The moments in this Art are new and exciting.

  • Biography

    I was born in 1954, in Melbourne. My father was a Naval Officer and we moved to Canberra with the Government. I have worked and travelled in Architecture, Design and Building. I now pursue my love of colour and art.

  • Influences

    Fauvism, Impressionism, Post Impressionism, Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, Abstract Art, Pop Art, Contemporary Art.

  • Exhibitions

    Cranleigh School Art Show
    Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Members Exhibition
    Canberra Art Workshop Exhibition
    Queanbeyan Art Society Exhibitions
    TAP Gallery, Surry Hills.
    Smith’s Alternative, Canberra.

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Shaun Myles

A Net of Entanglement
40 x 50 cm Acrylic on canvas board $200.00