Shannon Kassell

Shannon Kassell

  • Artist’s Statement

    From a young age I have been involved with art, my first competition winnings was NAPCAN child protection week, 2016 from a poster of my creation, I was able to then go down to Sydney to be awarded and meet the Governor General at Kirribilli house.
    I also won that for a second year In a row in 2017, but wasn’t able to attend since they held the gathering in a different place that year.

  • Biography

    My name is Shannon lee Kassell, I am 17 and I am an aboriginal artist from Dubbo. I have always been fascinated with art and my culture from a young age.

  • Awards

    Won an aboriginal competition in 2019, the help of entering with girls academy at Delroy college in Dubbo.

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Shannon Kassell

My Connection (sold)
Framed: 62 x 62 cm Acrylic on Canvas Sold