Original Smith

Original Smith

  • Artist’s Statement

    With an insatiable love for the ocean, for travel, for music, for learning, for people — and all things creative — a spirit of wanderlust is the thing that
    makes me tick.

  • Biography

    I’ve spent half a lifetime driving ideas with hundreds of organisations and all walks of life; delivering strategy, creativity, storytelling and inventive ways of working (plus a healthy dose of energy) to businesses seeking to innovate, differentiate or disrupt. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, I’ve built a creative digital services agency from the ground up, founded multiple tech start-ups and proudly own half a quirky little business named Luna Tractor; each driven by human-centred and design-led approaches to problem solving — ensuring purpose, creativity and technology are elegantly packaged and fit for human consumption. My experience is rich and my skills are diverse; all are grounded in pragmatic approaches to problem-solving for creative, technology and business challenges as I work with executives and through all levels of an organisation.

    I’m a lateral thinker and creative beast with a love of language, a unique ability to simplify the complex and a strikingly similar physique to a wombat.

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Original Smith

The Sea has Stories
51 x 51cm Aerosol, acrylic, varnish and laster etch on inkboard. $2,879.00

Original Smith

Forever departing. Never leaving. Always home.
610 x 760cm Aerosol, acrylic, varnish and laser etch on inkboard. $3,989.00