Maxwell Wilks

Maxwell Wilks

  • Artist’s Statement

    Maxwell Wilks has been a successful artist for over 40 years. He has had over 50 exhibitions throughout Australia and overseas. He is experienced in the mediums of both Pastel and Oil.

  • Biography

    I have been painting full time since 1982 and have had over 47 one man exhibitions in Australia and the U.K.
    Maxwell Wilks was born in Melbourne, Victoria. He worked in the Graphic Arts Industry and then studied drawing at the National Gallery School under John Brack and Ian Armstrong. Commercial Design was studied at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and oil painting with the Artist Shirley Bourne. Since 1982 Maxwell has painted full-time, mainly in oil and more recently in pastel. For some years he was a Council Member of the Victorian Artists Society in Melbourne and was elected a Fellow of the Society. He was Chairman of the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society for seven years. The Society is holding its 102nd exhibition this year and is one of the earliest established exhibiting groups of painters in Melbourne. Maxwell taught at the Victorian Artists Society for 16years taking two classes a week teaching oil painting from life, and currently teaches oil and pastel painting at the University of Southern Queensland for two weeks each January. He also conducts a number of landscape oil and pastel workshops during the year.
    Maxwell has chosen to follow the representational style of painting because of his strong emotional response to the effects of light, color, atmosphere and form.
    In the tradition of Australian landscape artists, he usually paints directly
    from his subject and consequently his paintings have a fresh and immediate quality. He feels his objective for each painting is to observe, select and clarify the subject to a simple set of tonal shapes which are then combined with color and good draftsmanship to capture the mood and sensitivity of the subject. His main influences are the exciting works by the French Impressionists such as Monet, Pissarro, Manet and Sisley, who leave the viewer completely absorbed in the mood of each scene, by capturing a fleeting moment in time. Whistler, Sargent and Sickert also provide inspiration because of their creative skills in handling their medium and their exciting choice of subject matter.

  • Awards

    100's of awards.

  • Exhibitions

    Over 55 solo shows.

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Maxwell Wilks

Retreating before the Storm
Framed: 80 x 96cm Oil on Linen $3,250.00