Lianne Gough

Lianne Gough

  • Artist’s Statement

    Lianne Gough was born in 1954 in Perth, Western Australia. She was educated in Perth, Sydney, Chicago (USA), Canberra, Geelong and New York (USA). In 1976 she received a Diploma of Art and Design (Gordon Institute of Technology, Geelong), and in 1977 was awarded an Arts Council Scholarship for postgraduate studies at the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture (USA). Since then, she has lived in Geelong, Australia and has continued her painting practice, doing commissioned works for public and private
    collectors, exhibiting and teaching.

    In 2007 Glorus Fallen, her painted montage of the faces of Gallipoli veterans' identity photographs (black-and-white photographs held by the Australian War Memorial) won the Australian National Gallipoli Art Prize. 'By manipulating the colours and depth of each panel the artist did not merely reproduce a gallery of likenesses but created a picture that was aesthetically engaging and contemporary in outlook.' John McDonald (Judge, Gallipoli Art Prize Competition). Although oil painting has been her medium of choice, she has experimented with
    watercolour, pastels and various printing techniques. Gough's paintings have a singular vision. There is emotional impact and vigour in the uncompromising way they deal with the physical reality of bodies, both as objects and in relation to environment and each other. Her
    paintings look at these relationships without attempting to manipulate the viewer's reaction. In this sense, the bodies and faces become their own subject matter, alerting the viewer to vastness of meaning yet emptied of easy sentiment. Here they are - what do we do with it? It is the substance of the groupings of people in a family photograph; the symbiotic relationship between artist and subject; the portrait of a man facing his own death, the dynamic linework in her portraits of children.

    Gough's drawing and brushwork is not afraid to be simple - but there are 'bones' in the drawing and her colour is masterly and bold. Neither overworked nor underworked, this is figurative painting in full life, constantly evolving. I pressed her to name her influences and
    she said 'Picasso'. When you look, you can see why.

  • Biography

    Painter, in oils primarily of portraits. Interested in light and texture.

  • Awards

    2018 Winner, Geelong Art Society Portrait Prize
    2016 Winner, Belle Arti Prize People’s Choice Award
    2016 Finalist, Kennedy Prize, Royal South Australian Society of Arts, Adelaide
    2013 Winner, Mortimore Art Prize
    2011 Finalist, Gallipoli Art Prize
    2009 Finalist, Whyalla Art Prize
    2009 Finalist, Corangamarah Art Prize
    2007 Winner, Gallipoli Art Prize
    2003 Highly Commended, The St Kevin’s College Art Show
    2000 Best Watercolour, First Prize and Second Prize, Momenta
    2001 Winner, Best Costumes, The Little Mermaid
    2000 Nomination for Best Designer, Peter Pan, GSODA Juniors
    2000 Winner, Graham Murphy Award for Settings, Music Theatre Guild of Victoria, (Peter Pan, The Croc
    Rock Musical)

  • Exhibitions

    2018 Geelong Art Society Portrait Prize, Shearers Arms, Geelong
    2016 Belle Arti Prize, Chapman and Bailey, Johnston St, Abbotsford
    2016 Kennedy Prize, Royal South Australian Society of Arts, Adelaide
    2015 New Work, Boom Gallery, Geelong
    2011 New Work, art@wintergarden, Wintergarden, Geelong
    2010 New Work, art@wintergarden, Wintergarden, Geelong
    2008 Solo, Lianne@wintergarden, Wintergarden, Geelong
    2007 Art@wintergarden, Wintergarden, Geelong
    2007 Gallipoli Exhibition, Gallipoli Club, Sydney
    2006 Just Queens, Café GO, Geelong
    2005 Just GO, Café GO, Geelong
    2004 Geelong Regional Artist exhibition, Gordon Gallery
    2004 Just GO, Café GO, Geelong
    2003 Just GO, Café GO, Geelong
    2002 Just GO, Café GO, Geelong
    2001 New Work, Shearers Arms, Geelong
    2000 Just Young, (Portraits), Courthouse, Geelong
    PAINTINGS in private collections Australia. U.K., N.Z., Hong Kong and the Gordon
    Foundation Collection, Deakin University

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Lianne Gough

Framed: 134 x 90 cm Oil on Canvas $2,500.00