Larissa Rogacheva

Larissa Rogacheva

  • Artist’s Statement

    Larissa is a watercolourist and printmaker based in Adelaide, Australia. She was born and educated in Saint Petersburg, Russia .
    Her practice is mostly looking into the magical realism of the human experience, especially the life of theatre and circus performers, where humanity is particularly concentrated. The watercolour as a medium is always driven by danger and surprise, which makes it even more exciting.

  • Biography

    2006 Bachelor of Visual Arts /Honours ,University of SA, AU
    1993 Bachelor of Architecture/Honours, St-Petersburg’s University of Architecture, St-Petersburg, Russia

  • Exhibitions

    2020 Finalist, International watercolour biennial Mini Castra, Ajdovščina, Slovenia

    2019- 2021 Finalist, Australian Watercolour Muster,

    Solo Exhibition, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, AU

    Finalist , Contemporary Art Award,

    2016 Finalist , Libris Award, Australian Artist Book Prize, Mackay, AU
    2012 Multimedia Scenography, ‘Unknown Kuzmin’, St-Petersburg, Russia
    1997-2012 Greenhill & Kensington Gallery, Adelaide, AU
    2006-2010 PAC Contemporary Art Gallery, AU
    2004-2016 International Printmaking Biennial, Tokyo, Japan
    2005-2015 International Printmaking Biennial, Douro, Portugal
    2004 Solo Exhibition, Samoilov’s Theatre Museum, St-Petersburg, Russia
    2003 Ethel Barringer Memorial Prize, Adelaide, AU
    2002 Finalist , National AQ Art Prize, AU
    2002 Bicentennial International Art Show, Sherman, USA

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Larissa Rogacheva

Boat Shed
Framed: 55 x 75cm Watercolour on Paper $750.00

Larissa Rogacheva

Moored #2
Framed: 75 x 55cm Watercolour on Paper $800.00