Julie Hobbs

Julie Hobbs

  • Artist’s Statement

    A pursuit of beauty in everyday life and nature inspires my oil paintings. Most works share a strong connection to the environment and our place within it. An old staircase leading to the beach. A fisherman in the sand. A girl under an umbrella reading a book. There is always the mark of humanity within the natural world. The style is mostly figurative but not really hyper realistic. Just an array of unassuming, quiet scenes that remind us to stop for a moment, and look. After a rewarding 26-year career in print journalism, I moved to Victoria’s far southwest coast where days are spent painting and writing.
    In 2020, I completed a Certificate IV in Visual Arts that fuelled a desire to create more art. I have a deep affection for portraiture and am developing and refining this skill.

  • Biography

    2020 Certificate IV in Visual Arts, South West TAFE

  • Awards

    Finalist Kennedy Prize 2018

  • Exhibitions

    2021 Camberwell Art Show, Camberwell Art Show
    2021 Lethbridge Gallery Small Scale Art prize (online finalist), Lethbridge Gallery
    2020 Warrnibalds, Warrnambool Art Gallery
    2019 Birregurra Art Show, Birregurra
    2018 Warrnibalds, Warrnambool Art Gallery
    2015 Geelong College Art Show, The Geelong College

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Julie Hobbs

Framed: 50 x 50cm Oil on Canvas $1,000.00