Hendrikus Eykman

Hendrikus Eykman

  • Biography

    An Artist who created works from a young age and attended the Prahran Technical school, lessons in fine Art during 1971 till 1974. Many pieces of my work is created to honour the ANZAC veterans and donated to raise funds for their causes.

  • Awards

    Royal Melbourne Show Art and Craft
    A2 Section, First Prize for 'Armistice at Gallipoli'

    Peoples Choice Award:
    Portrait of Corporal Cameron Baird VC, MG.

  • Exhibitions

    Royal Melbourne Show Art and Craft
    Various Artshows and competitions
    Galliopoli Art Awards
    Displays at RSL's

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Hendrikus Eykman

The Old man at Sea
Framed: 56 x 46 cm Charcoal and Graphite on Canvas Board $500.00