Gian Manik

Gian Manik

  • Artist’s Statement

    Hello! I'm Gian Manik. I have a strong drive to create something that
    sparks the imagination and connects to a true purpose. I believe that life is best lived on the growing edge.

  • Biography

    Manik’s referential language maintains a fundamental connection to derided or “low-brow” sources from popular and visual culture. Manik's work challenges conventional ideas of authenticity, circulation, and so-called high/low modes of production.

  • Exhibitions

    2019 - Paintings at Sutton Gallery, Melbourne
    2018 - National Trust , Courthouse Gallery, Port Headland; Internal Audit , The Honeymoon Suite, Melbourne
    2017 - Hi- Vis and Balcony and Sheepskin and Pilbara , Artereal, Sydney;
    What is you name, It s a Symbol, Don t Talk , FORM, Perth
    2016 - Leather Seats , Fort Delta, Melbourne
    2015 - Ventilation and Natural Light , Artereal, Sydney; Umbrella , Anna Pappas, Melbourne
    First Outside, Inside Last, Caves, Melbourne; White Facing , Bus Projects, Melbourne
    2014 - Foils Utopian Slumps, Melbourne; Paint 14 Artereal, Sydney
    2013 - Big Recorder , ALASKA Projects, Sydney
    2012 - The Retreat to Representation , Venn Gallery, Perth

    2018 - The drawing is just not there , Westspace, Melbourne
    2017 - Rough, Raw and Magic in Australia , MCA, Sydney; All or Nothing D&K Fashion launch, RMIT Deisgn Hub, Melbourne; Portrait Project, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth
    2016 - Painting, More Painting , ACCA, Melbourne; Spring 1883 with Fort Delta, Windsor Hotel, Melbourne; 10 Artereal, Sydney
    2015 - Farewell to Function , Gian Manik and Koji Ryui, Twenty Thirty Seven, Curated by Consuelo Cavaniglia, Sydney; Redlands Art Prize, NAS, Sydney; Bus Fundraiser, Bus Projects, Melbourne
    2014 - Y3K Biennale, Curated by Christopher LG Hill, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne;
    bend it leik mathu barni h&m ecosystem, Centre for Style, Melbourne Slip, Anna Pappas, Melbourne
    2012 - Fresh Paint , Sutton Project Space, Melbourne

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Gian Manik

Pirates of the Caribbean Prop Vessel on Broadwater Across From Crab Island With Two Women on Jetski
50 x 60 cm Oil on Canvas $3,900.00