Gavin Patterson

Gavin Patterson

  • Artist’s Statement

    Although having drawn since a youngster, my profession of architecture interfered with this activity. Now well advanced in age, painting (water colour sketching of boats, birds and old buildings) has become a major and more enjoyable part of my life.

  • Biography

    Born in Brisbane in 1944. My initial primary school education was at the Hamilton and Toowong State Schools, with final primary education and secondary education at Brisbane Boys College. I attended art classes for young people in conjunction with my older brother Andrew on Saturday mornings at the Queensland Art Gallery in 1952 and 1953 under the tuition of Vida Leahy. A few years later I attended Saturday morning art classes at Brisbane Technical College in 1957 and 1958.

    My tertiary education was in the Bachelor Architecture degree course ( B Arch) at the University of Queensland. After finishing high school and entering university, few art works were undertaken apart from attendance at life drawing classes conducted by Bronwyn Yeates in 1963. I established my architectural practice at Hervey Bay in the early 1980s and worked hard at this unrewarding profession over the following three and a half decades. During the period of practising as an architect for the bulk of my life, very few drawings and paintings were produced by me. Half a dozen Doug Moran National Portrait Prize entries were unsuccessfully submitted. Life drawing classes were often attended during this period to keep my hand in at drawing.

    Now that I am semi-retired - I still do a little bit of architectural work in order to make a little bit of money - I have started sketching in water colours, a medium I learnt as a youngster.
    In November/December 2018, an exhibition of the art work which were the illustrations for a book I had written was held at Gataker's Art Space in Maryborough. The exhibition was a joint venture with works by my brother Andrew who also exhibited his own paintings. The book was launched simultaneously with the exhibition opening. The book was essentially a collection of stories about a large old house at Point Vernon called The Gables in which my family and I had holidayed in the early 1950s.

    The exhibition was reasonably successful ("an unprecedented success" in the words of gallery manager Trevor Spohr) with some 50% of my art works sold. Many copies of The Gables book were sold as well (about 200 copies were sold in total).
    In November/December, Andrew and I held another joint exhibition of our works in Newcastle (where he lives) at the Blackstone Galleries. Sales at this event were not as strong as for the previous year, with about 30% of my works being sold. Another exhibition at Gatakers this year is planned for December of this year, but the actuality of that will be dependent upon the reception and assessment of my RADF grant application by the FCRC because I have no money to do this without the support of a grant

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Gavin Patterson

William IV - Newcastle
Framed: 27 x 41 cm Watercolour on Paper $900.00