Eliah Jorgensen-Lade

Eliah Jorgensen-Lade

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    With a strong passion for art and the determination to make art his career, the studio of Ardent Artisan emerged.

    Enjoy many other artists alongside Eliah who showcase their masterpieces which have been carefully curated for your viewing pleasure.

    Eliah J-L is a practicing artist working mainly with pens and paints. With extensive woodwork experience, he has begun combining this medium as part of his artworks. From elements within the artwork to the bordering of the piece with custom-built frames.

    As a hands-on artist, Eliah begins his creative process by exploring ideas in an artisan way, hand-drawn illustrations on paper which is the first step in transforming the idea to a concept and in turn forming the foundation of his unique creations.

  • Exhibitions

    2021 - BRINK!
    The Station - Brisbane
    2021 - A Day in the Desert
    Online - Global

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Eliah Jorgensen-Lade

New Horizons
Framed: 67 x 54cm Pen on Paper $1,500.00