Darrell Hook

Darrell Hook

  • Artist’s Statement

    For artist, Darrell Hook his dreams and visions of this amazing natural wonder have become a reality through his paintings. For an artist to recreate the truth, he must know and understand his subject. Darrell has spent over 40 years exploring and photographing the reef’s wonder world of coral cays and islands and the fascinating marine life that create a kaleidoscope of color and movement.
    From the amazingly intricate underwater world of fish and corals to the fine detail of Tropical North Queensland’s rain forest fauna and flora, Darrell’s artwork will excite and astound you.

    Combine unlimited subject material with intense discipline and understanding and you have an artist who is forever experimenting and evolving.

    His paintings have sold nationally and internationally for many years.

    A “HOOK” is hidden in every painting

  • Biography

    Darrell has spent over 30 years exploring and photographing the reefs unequalled beauty.

  • Influences

    The underwater realms of the Great Barrier Reef have been a source of wonder and enjoyment for millions of people from all over the world.

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Darrell Hook

Providing a Safe Harbour
61 x 91.5cm Acrylic on Canvas $1,500.00

Darrell Hook

The Reef's Ability to Adapt
76 x 76cm Acrylic on Canvas $1,800.00