Catherine Stringer

Catherine Stringer

  • Artist’s Statement

    Tasmanian artist Catherine Stringer has a deep connection to water and the sea. Her underwater inspired paintings and more recent handmade seaweed paper artworks allude to metaphor and narrative.

  • Biography

    Catherine Stringer is a Tasmanian artist based in Hobart who has a lifelong love of water and the sea. She is particularly attracted to islands, being surrounded as they are by water, and she is a keen swimmer and scuba diver.

    Catherine is drawn to the visual and sensual nature of water, and the feeling of weightlessness when underwater. She is also fascinated by the symbolism of water, its ability to conjure narrative and metaphor, and its connection to the mysterious vast unknown.

    Catherine trained in painting and photography at the Tasmanian School of Art. Her work has been exhibited widely since 2003 in 16 solo exhibitions as well as numerous group exhibitions, both locally and further afield.

    Catherine’s underwaterscapes look beneath the surface of a range of Tasmanian waters, from deep sea caves and kelp forests to mountain creeks and tarns, and have been selected three times as finalists in the Glover Prize.

    Other underwater paintings contain figures; these images often become ambiguous and evocative, akin to dreamscapes or poetry.

    Papermaking techniques were explored during a King Island residency in 2011, using local seaweeds and shore plants. After extensive research, developing and refining her process, Catherine now creates unique seaweed paper artworks inspired by sea related narratives. The ‘Neva Reliquary’ series focused on one of the King Island shipwrecks, that of the ‘Neva’, whilst ‘Seal Woman’ was inspired by an Icelandic folk tale.

    Underlying themes of separation, loss and transformation continue to inform Catherine’s art practice, which now includes both painting and papermaking.

  • Exhibitions

    2020 Penguin Parade, online exhibition
    2019 Sea Stories, King Island Cultural Centre
    2018 Seal Woman, Red Gallery, Fitzroy North, Victoria
    2016 Neva Vestiges, King Island Cultural Centre
    Neva Reliquary, Moonah Art Centre, Tasmania
    2012 Just Waving, Rosny Barn, Tas
    2010 River Turns, Goulburn St Gallery, Hobart
    2009 See View, Cultural Centre, King Island
    Face Value, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart
    2007 Still Waters, Galerie Aqui Siam Ben, Vallauris, France
    2006 Dancers and Dreamers, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart
    Testing the Water, BBoss, Hobart
    2004 Salted With Fire, Walker St Gallery, Dandenong, Victoria
    Off Stage, is theatre ltd, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart
    2003 Resonance, Republic Bar and Café, North Hobart
    Free Flow, True Blue Gallery, Hobart

    2021 Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award Finalists Exhibition
    Poor Souls, King Island Cultural Centre
    Door to Door, No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne
    2020 Pause Button, The Old Auction House, Kyneton, Victoria
    Maritime Art Awards Finalists Exhibition, Melbourne
    2019 Vitroform, Lord Coconut, Melbourne
    2018 A New Era, King Island Cultural Centre
    Maritime Art Awards Finalists Exhibition, Melbourne
    Corangamarah Art Prize Finalists Exhibition
    2017 Maritime Art Awards Finalists Exhibition, Melbourne
    Polar Festival, Stöðvarfjörður, Iceland
    Waterways, Hobart
    2016 Maritime Art Awards Finalists Exhibition, Melbourne
    Bruny Island Art Prize Finalists Exhibition, Bruny Island, Tasmania
    Myth and Memory, Beth Hulme Gallery, Fitzroy North, Victoria
    2015 Hutchins Art Prize Finalists Exhibition, Hobart
    Elements, Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart
    Ten Years, King Island Cultural Centre
    2014 Eight Weeks in Xi’an, SNNU, Xi’an, China
    2013 Hutchins Art Prize Finalists Exhibition, Hobart
    What Lies Beneath, Backyard Gallery, Ballarat
    2012 Glover Prize Finalists Exhibition, Evandale, Tas
    2011 Fleurieu Water Prize Finalists Exhibition, Goolwa, South Australia
    Glover Prize Finalists Exhibition, Evandale, Tas
    2010 Menzies Art Exhibition, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart
    2009 Cricket Art Prize Finalists Exhibition, Sydney Cricket Ground
    2008 Endangered. Drawing the Line. Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart
    2007 Pencil It In, The Salamanca Collection, Hobart
    Au Lavoir de Mougins Village, Mougins, France
    2006 Arts on Whittle Ward Exhibition, Moonah Arts Centre
    Playing Up, Schoolhouse Gallery, Rosny
    Glover Prize Finalists Exhibition, Evandale

    2017 Stöðvarfjörður, Iceland
    2012 Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
    2011 King Island Cultural Centre
    2008 Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
    2007 AIR Vallauris, France
    2005 Whittle Ward Palliative Care Unit, Hobart

    2019 Big Picture School, Launceston
    2010 Queenstown HUB
    2006 Geriatric Evaluation and Management Unit, Royal Hobart Hospital

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Catherine Stringer

Derwent Requiem - The 'Lake Illawarra' and the Tasman Bridge
Framed: 56 x 75cm 3 layers of Marine macroalgae Paper with LED backlighting $2,500.00