Bronte Lyn Evans Rayward

Bronte Lyn Evans Rayward

  • Biography

    I am Bronte Evans, a historian (in training) and artist from the Far South Coast of Australia. I utilise my research on the history of whaling and scientific expeditions to Antarctica to inform my artistic practice. Currently, I am working on a series of Gouache painted pictures exploring the environments that have shaped my life and work. Landscapes of Montague Island, the Far South Coast of Australia, Edinburgh in Scotland and my current home in Canberra.

  • Awards

    Acquisition Award at ANU graduate exhibition 2018
    First Place in the Spiral Gallery Postcard Competition 2014

  • Exhibitions

    Collaborative Exhibitions and Projects
    Undergraduate Collaborative Exhibition at Smiths Alternative in Canberra
    Participant in the Inhabit Project directed by Isabel Rumble

    Selected Group Exhibitions
    The ANU Graduate Exhibition 2018
    The ANU Drawing Prize 2017
    The Annual Postcard Exhibition at Spiral Gallery 2014, 2015
    Bega Regional Gallery Higher School Certificate Exhibition 2014

Showing the single artwork

Bronte Lyn Evans Rayward

Hallway at Montague
Framed: 21 x 30 cm Gouache on Paper $1,500.00