Ben Howe

Ben Howe

  • Biography

    Howe’s paintings are derived from preliminary explorations in other media such as sculpture, photography and film.
    He explores ideas surrounding the nature of consciousness, history and the incongruities of memory.

  • Awards

    A W A R D S A N D H O N O U R S
    2019 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, Finalist
    2019 Lester Prize, Finalist
    2018 Bluethumb, Finalist
    2017 Hill Smith Award, NotFair
    2016 Black Swan, Finalist
    2015 Whyalla Art Prize, Finalist
    2014 Doug Moran Semi Finalist
    2014 Ian Potter Cultural Trust
    2014 Cliftons Art prize, Finalist
    2012 Metro Award, Finalist
    2012 Doug Moran, Shortlisted
    2012 RMIT Vice chancellors List Award for academic excellence
    2011 Dark Horse MFA Award
    2011 Metro Award, Finalist
    2009 Window Frames, Winner
    2009 Melbourne stencil festival, emerging artist Award
    2008 I Art Sydney Road, 1st prize
    2008 Small works 08, Brunswick Street Gallery, Highly commended

  • Exhibitions

    S O L O E X H I B I T I O N S
    2019 Leviathan, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne, Australia -
    2018 A Strange Architecture, Hill Smith Gallery, Adelaide, Australia
    2017 Weave, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
    2017 Selection, Mycelium, Melbourne
    2016 Themes of Dislocation and Habitation, St Francis, Melbourne
    2015 Monochromatic Anomalies, Lorimer Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
    2014 Within the Grey, Shangyuan Museum of Modern Art, Beijing, China
    2013 The Sum of its Parts, Metro Gallery, Melbourne
    2012 Signs, Manyung Gallery, Melbourne
    2011 Exploring Transience: locating meaning within the urban crowd. First Site Gallery, Melbourne
    2010 Schism Overwrite, As Soon As Gallery, Hamburg
    2009 Graffscapes, Manyung Gallery, Melbourne
    2008 Urban Fractures 2, 5-502, Sydney
    2007 Once Upon a Space, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne
    2007 Raumatisiert, Wir sind Woanders, European art festival, Hamburg
    2007 Urban Fractures, SKAMraum, Hamburg
    2006 Surface Variations, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne
    2004 Forms and shadows, Manyung Gallery, Melbourne
    2003 Selected works, Manyung Gallery, Melbourne
    S E L E C T E D G R O U P E X H I B I T I O N S
    2020 Dark Art, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne
    2020 Antipodes, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne
    2019 Doug Moran National Prortrait Prize, Juniper Hall, Sydney
    2019 Lester Prize, Art Gallery of WA, Perth Cultural Centre, WA.
    2019 Dark Art, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne
    2018 Australian Art, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne
    2018 Ephemeral, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, USA
    2018 Focal Point: New Realist Painting. Hill Smith Gallery, Adelaide
    2018 Dark Art Show, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne
    2018 Bluethumb Award, Melbourne
    2017 NotFair 2017, Melbourne
    2017 The 13th Hour, Last Rites Gallery, New York, USA
    2017 If Our days won’t Last, Distinction Gallery, Escondido, CA, USA
    2017 Art collecter starter kit, Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
    2016 Metro Summer Show 2016, Melbourne
    2016 Beinart Small Works 2016, Melbourne
    2016 Metropolis, Manyung Gallery, Melbourne
    2016 Transmogrify, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne
    2016 Black Swan prize, Art Gallery of WA, Perth.
    2016 Beinart Inaugural Exhibition, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne
    2015 Whyalla art prize exhibition, Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide
    2014 Shangyuan Resident Artists 2014
    2014 Ben Howe and HaHa – Second Story Studio, Melbourne
    2014 Strange Attractor, D11 Docklands
    2013 Supporters Exhibition, D11 Docklands
    2013 Urban, Manyung Gallery, Melbourne
    2012 Exploration 12. Flinders Land Gallery, Melbourne
    2012 Melbourne Art fair, Exhibition Building, Melbourne
    2012 Matter and Space. Ne Na Contemporary Art Space, Chiang Mai, Thailand
    2012 Possibilities, Metro Gallery, Melbourne
    2012 Dark Horse. The Dark Horse Experiment, Melbourne
    2012 It’s Not You, It’s Me, Eckersley's Open Space Gallery, Melbourne
    2012 Climate Change. Metro Gallery, Melbourne
    2011 RMIT Master of Fine Art Graduate Exhibition. Gossard Project Space, Melbourne
    2011 The Brunswick Show, Donkey Wheel House, Melbourne
    2011 Space and the city, Eckersley's Open Space Gallery. Melbourne
    2011 Surface: Texture, Materiality and Conceptual Plasticity, RMIT School of Art Gallery, Melbourne.
    2010 SoBright, Prague, Melbourne
    2010 New, Used and Abused, Loft Gallery, Melbourne
    2010 The Brunswick Show, Donkey Wheel House, Melbourne
    2010 Irene’s Street art festival, Irene, Melbourne
    2010 Out of Nowhere, 696 INK, Melbourne
    2010 Grand Opening Show, 696 INK, Melbourne
    2010 Urban Art 10A, Brunswick St Gallery, Melbourne
    2009 Gaengeviertel, Hamburg
    2009 Melbourne stencil festival, Collingwood, Melbourne
    2009 Art Melbourne, Exhibition Building, Melbourne
    2009 Painting 09A, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne
    2007 Stencil and Freeform Combinations, A.S.A, Hamburg
    2007 Art Melbourne, Exhibition Building, Melbourne BSG stand
    2003 Selected Contemporary Artists of Australia, Manyung Gallery, Melbourne
    1997 Contingency, RMIT Graduate Show, Span Galleries, Melbourne

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Ben Howe

70 x 60 cm Oil on Board $6,500.00