Anna-Carien Goosen

Anna-Carien Goosen

  • Artist’s Statement

    Anna-Carien is a figurative artist based in Sydney where she lives surrounded by bushland with a handsome environmental planner, three boisterous boys, and a menagerie of wildlife destroying her precious garden.

  • Biography

    Anna-Carien Goosen is a figurative artist based in Sydney. She is comfortable with most mediums but takes joy in the messy alchemy of oil paint and the dirty abandon of charcoal.
    She received her Fine Arts Degree at the University of Pretoria. There she developed a passion for filling sketchbooks with drawings of strangers, learnt how to refine her own linseed oil, and conveniently bagged a handsome Landscape Architect. Together they agree on how to raise three boys, but not how to garden. Currently they live happily across bushland with wallabies, cockatoo’s and bush turkeys interfering with their gardening philosophies.

  • Influences

    I observe the physical and emotional space around individuals. I notice the beauty of the human form and the intricacies of body language. Sometimes a mind can be read on a body.
    My paintings portray an ambiguous space where interior and exterior reality merge. I chose to see the beautiful in this world even as I observe it’s contradictions and absurdities.
    I work in series according to the theme currently occupying my thoughts. These become records of my perceptions as I move through life, which I hope resonates with viewers of the work.

  • Awards

    In Australia, she’s been awarded the Naracoorte National Art prize (2019), and in South Africa, the Portrait Society’s ‘Living Portrait Master Competition’ (2017) , as well as an ATK Veertjie for children’s illustration (2005)

  • Exhibitions

    Anna-Carien has honed the skill of hanging art straight through numerous solo and group exhibitions in Australia, South Africa and abroad.

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Showing the single artwork

Anna-Carien Goosen

A Question of Pushing Through
Framed: 95 x 115cm Oil on Canvas $3,200.00