Andrew Littlejohn

Andrew Littlejohn

  • Artist’s Statement

    Commenced painting in 2014 after attending a mosaicing course.
    Since then painted non stop.
    Have attended water colour and oil classes at VAS and with Marco Corsini for the last 6 years and
    spent all of my time outside working hours painting.

  • Biography

    I took up painting age 54, after accompanying my partner to a mosaicing class at CAE. I owe my training to VAS teachers and Marco Corsini.

  • Awards

    Encouragement award VAS

  • Exhibitions

    Exhibited at Camberwell Rotary Club, Linden Art Show, Daylesford Rotary and Vass.

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Andrew Littlejohn

Storm en route to Staten Island (Sold)
56 x 71 cm Oil on Canvas $480.00